While working at the fabulous Cosmo offices last week, I found myself in the equally stylish area of London, Soho. The Cosmo offices are right next to the famous Carnaby Street, full of quirky shops and trendy cafes – how people manage to go out for their lunch break without getting distracted by the window displays at the very least is beyond me So while I was there (and being the foody that I am) I made the most of trying out some new snack/lunch/treat spots and here are my top picks

Pure  This is an amazing little place I accidentally stumbled across on my last day working at Cosmo – and believe me, if I’d found it any earlier, I definitely would have gone back. It was bustling with busy people grabbing quick lunches at the time, both to go and to eat in, and I’m not surprised that it’s so popular. There’s a choice of ready-made salads (or you can make your own), sandwiches, soups and the like… but that doesn’t sound particularly special does it? Well, one of my fave things was the cute mini side pots of yumminess you can buy, either as a side or a snack. Still doesn’t sound particularly interesting. Well the combos were just amazeballs – for example, honey-roasted root vegetables with home-made houmous. Divine, no? And I love that it’s all really healthy. I’m a big veg fan, and you can never really buy veg as a snack on the go, except here at Pure. They have two sites (Goodge Street and Beak Street), you can order online before you pick up, and get it all delivered. They also do loads of fab breakfast options and fresh smoothies and juices too – yum I feel I’m not realydoing Pure justice – I suggest you head online to see the full menu and find out more… but really, you’ve just got to go and try ’em out You definitely won’t regret it.

Joe and the Juice – literally opposite the NatMags building, you’ll find this fabby juice bar. They’re originally from Denmark, but have two places in London – Broadwick Street and Regent Street (both run by some rather charming Danish young fellas, which never hurts). I’m not sure where the name comes from, but I like it, and I like what they do even more. Utterly delumpcious freshly squeezed juices right infront of your eyes. I had a raspberry, banana and apple cup of yum for a mid-morning boost, and felt all the better for it. They do also do coffees, sandwiches and other snacks, but the juice is the main attraction. One of the chatty guys behind the counter offered me a free ginger shot while I waited (I don’t know why… maybe I’d worked my charm back at him!), which I must say, definitely gave me a kick, and you can ask for extra ginger in your juice if ya like. Give ’em a try

Food Secret – this is a brilliant little place, just down from Joe and the Juice on Broadwick Street. Amazing for lunch, but also for brekkie too. They have the most fantastic selection of delicious wraps, sandwiches, pittas, salads, soups… and of course, you can make your own if you like. The staff are delightfully friendly and helpful, and the ambiance is so peaceful and pleasant. Another popular place at lunchtime, it’s really well organised, with everything separated into sections – meat, vegetarian, fish etc. What I also liked was that they had full menus out, so you could look at everything on offer and then make an informed decision. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I order my food, then see something else I would’ve preferred. Food Secret is also great if you like to check your nutritional info or count your cals, as they have it all displayed on the packaging (as well as online) which is always useful for keeping in shape and healthy. They have a fab website, where you can order online and find out all about them – go, go, go.

Yuforia – simply amazing. I’m not sure what else to say. I flippin’ LOVE this place! It’s an utterly fantastic frozen yoghurt place. The Americans cottoned on to the awesomeness of froyo a while ago, and I’m seriously hoping the trend will catch on here in the UK. Not only is it totally delicious (in a choice of flavours… naturally, I went for chocolate), but it’s totally healthy and fat-free too. The guy there told me there’s less than 100 calories in a small portion, which, for the record, wasn’t exactly small. But the best thing is that you can top your froyo with whatever you what – fruit, fudge, chocolate sprinkles, mini Oreos, nuts, granola, many-a-flavour-of-sauce… And boy, did I go to town! You can also push the boat out and get a warm waffle with your froyo on top. They are located right opposite Pure, so why not stop-off for your pudding after a yummy lunch? (There’s also one in Covent Garden)So those are a few of my faves. Woud love to hear what you think if you’ve visited any of them, or any other fab places for munching! Bon appetit.